Today’s Word: temper

February 7, 2017 =========

☆  temper  気分


Your “temper” is your mood, or your state of mind. If you are in a good temper, you feel cheerful. If you are in a bad temper, you feel angry and impatient. Interestingly, most of the time you will hear people use “temper” when they are talking about a negative mood, and “mood” when they are talking about a good or positive mood. Here are some examples:

He was in a really bad temper last night!
You’re in a good mood today. (Or You’re in a good temper today.)
My mum was in such a bad temper she burned the dinner.
My son was in a good temper/mood after his morning nap.

How are you feeling today? Are you in a good or bad temper?