Today’s Word: potential

January 15, 2017 =========

☆  potential  可能性


Have you seen the movie, Eddie the Eagle? It is based on the true story of an Englishman who wanted from a very young age to be an Olympian. He didn’t care what sport, he just wanted to be an athlete and go to the Olympics. The problem was that he basically had not skill or potential in any kind of sport!

The movie is about how he tries all kinds of sport and has no potential at any of them, but he chose to be a ski jumper, because Britain had no regulations about qualifying for that sport and there were no other ski jumpers in England. So basically, without any potential or skill he went from complete beginner to Olympic ski jumper! It is a great story, about how mindset and never giving up can be just as important – probably more important – than any natural born potential or talent. Do you agree?