Today’s Word: momentum

January 14, 2017 =========

☆  momentum  勢い


If something gains momentum, it keeps developing or happening more quickly. Sometimes we talk about something gaining momentum, and use the saying, “full steam ahead” meaning that you are moving forward with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and momentum. When you give an engine “full steam” it will go at maximum power.

So, how are you going with your English study so far in 2017? Is it full steam ahead for you? Have you gained a lot of momentum over the past two weeks? Or have you lost a bit of momentum since the New Year? My mom is doing great and will be out of hospital soon, so her recovery has gained a lot of momentum in just a short time, however, my goals for 2017 have lost a lot of momentum during this week! I hope it’ll be full steam ahead for me again soon. 🙂