stick to ~し続ける

November 18, 2016     =========

☆  stick to  ~し続ける


When you stick to something, you continue doing, using, saying, or talking about it, rather than changing to something else. There are a few common times when you would use this. For example, if you want to recommend that someone keep doing X, rather than quitting.

A: I’m trying to get my book published, but no one wants to look at my draft. I’m thinking of quitting and working at a company.
B: Don’t quit! You should stick to writing, you’re really good at it. You’ll find a publisher eventually.

You might use it when you have quit and regret it. Continuing from the last example:
A: I hate my job at this company. You were right, I should have stuck to writing!
B: I told you so!

Is there something you should have stuck to that you now regret? Or in fact, something you did stick to, and regret not quitting?