resurface 再浮上する

November 17, 2016     =========

☆   resurface  再浮上する


Resurface can of course be used to talk about something that has been under the water and then comes back up to the surface again. For example, “he dived deep into the pool, and it was a few seconds before he resurfaced.”

However, this word is also used to talk about ideas or problems that become important or noticeable again. For example, the useful phrase this week, “This problem keeps resurfacing at work.” This sentence could be referring to a problem that the manager thought was fixed, but it has happened again. In this situation, it could be a physical problem with a product, or a management problem with staff. For example, if staff are unhappy, and then management makes a temporary change, once that change has stopped or disappeared, then the reason the staff was unhappy will resurface.

Has anything resurfaced in your life recently?