precise ぴったりの

November 7, 2016     =========

☆  precise  ぴったりの


Something that is precise is exact and accurate in all its details. Have you heard of this word? It isn’t used that much in everyday conversation, however, it is a common way to describe someone’s language. For example, “She speaks very precise English.” Or, “He doesn’t talk very much, but what he does say is very precise and to the point.”

My two sons speak very differently. My 8-year-old son speaks very vague English, and always uses words like “thing” or “this”, as in, “remember that thing we saw yesterday.” Of course, I cannot remember that “thing” we saw!! What are you talking about?! On the other hand, my 5-year-old son speaks very precise English. He always says exactly what he means, and uses a lot of different and difficult words that his brother doesn’t use! I don’t know why they are so different, but it’s very interesting for me to see this as an English teacher!

How do you feel about your English, is it precise or not? Would you like it to be more precise or are you happy as it is?