catalyst きっかけ

November 5, 2016     =========

☆  catalyst  きっかけ


A catalyst can be a thing or a person, and it is what causes an event or change to happen. In the business, or even politics, you might hear that people hope “XYZ will be a catalyst for change.” In this case, they might be talking about a new product, or a new CEO, or in the case of politics, a new policy or a new president.

In my life, there have been a few quite big catalysts! The biggest catalyst would have to be the teacher that I had in high school that suggested I apply for a home stay during the school summer holidays. I was studying French, so I applied thinking I would go to France for six weeks. Instead, I went to Okayama! My first experience of Japan! That teacher – and that trip to Japan – was a huge catalyst in my life… how about your life? Has there been any catalyst for change in your life?