attitude 姿勢

October 27, 2016 =========

☆   attitude  姿勢


Did you see my Facebook page? I posted a couple of photos from my 57km running event last Saturday. Good news! I completed it! This was my second year, and although it was hard, I was able to complete the distance in the time that I wanted, and part of the reason was my attitude.

Your “attitude” to something is the way you that you think or feel about that thing. Although it is possible to tell people how you are feeling – and therefore indicate your attitude toward the situation. However, mostly, you show people your attitude in the way that you behave.

Last year, my attitude was that I would “go with the flow” so when my running partner decided to stop running and quit, I did too. Of course, I regretted that attitude for a long, long time afterward! This year, my attitude was that I would finish, “no matter what!” Obviously, this year’s attitude was much more successful!

Have you ever thought about your attitude toward something and how it affects your success or experience of that thing?