practical 現実的な

October 23, 2016 =========

☆  practical  現実的な


Today’s mini mail has been written in advance… Why? Because I had to be practical! As I said in yesterday’s email, I was running a 57km event on the 22nd of October. It’s a very hilly course, and I was expecting to take about 10 hours (Hopefully much less! Check on Facebook to see how I did). So knowing that I would be exhausted this morning, I decided to be very practical and write this email last Friday!

A practical person is someone who makes sensible decisions, deals effectively with problems, or uses methods that are likely to be effective or successful in a situation. What do you think? Was my idea of preparing this email in advance a good, practical idea? I think so! I think it was better than not getting the email until later in the day in case I was sleeping all morning!