competent 優秀な

October 22, 2016     =========

☆  competent  優秀な


Someone who is competent is efficient and effective. They have the skills, abilities, or experience necessary to do it well. Do you remember around this time last year, I posted on Facebook and in this newsletter that I was going to attempt my first 100km ultra marathon? I had trained hard, and was feeling competent, and was sure that I would make the distance.

Unfortunately, on the day, many things happened – blisters and sore feet, very hot weather, and a friend was in trouble and so I stopped to help, and therefore missed the cut-off time, so I couldn’t finish the event. I completed the 57km event instead…. This year, I haven’t trained very much, and I’m not feeling anywhere near as competent as I was last year! However, I signed up to run the 57km event, not the 105km event. So I’m hoping that my skills, abilities, and experience will make me competent enough to finish the 57km event in a good time!

Wish me luck! Hopefully I can post good news on Facebook next week!