valid もっともな

October 20, 2016     =========

☆  valid  もっともな


A valid argument, comment, or idea is one that is sensible and reasonable. The useful phrase this week is, “That is a valid argument.” Can you imagine when you might use this phrase? One situation might be that A wants to do something, but B offers a reason or idea why A should not do that (perhaps it is dangerous, or will cost too much money.) Then A would consider the idea, and might respond by saying, “That is a valid argument.”

Of course, just by saying, “That is a valid argument” doesn’t mean that A will change their mind and not do what they are planning to do. This statement is more to show that they have understood B’s suggestion or idea, and will consider the information before making a final decision.

“Valid” is usually used as an adjective to describe these things: idea, reason, point, comment, argument. Can you use it in a sentence?