unpleasant 嫌な

October 19, 2016     =========

☆  unpleasant  嫌な


Today’s word uses the prefix, “un” to turn “pleasant” into a negative. You can use “unpleasant” to describe a thing that makes you feel upset or uncomfortable. For example:

There was an unpleasant smell coming from the room.
The symptoms of the illness are unpleasant, but not life-threatening.
The humidity during rainy season is so unpleasant.

You can also use “unpleasant” to describe a person who is unfriendly or rude. For example:
He’s such an unpleasant man!
I’ve never met her, but I have heard that she can be quite unpleasant to strangers.
Why do you always have to be unpleasant to my friends?

Can you use unpleasant in a sentence?