relevant 関係のある

October 17, 2016     =========

☆  relevant  関係のある


Something that is relevant to a situation or person is important or significant to that situation or person. For example, the police often ask for help from the public by asking for people to tell them any information they think might be relevant to the crime.

You can also talk about things not being relevant. For example, if you and I were talking about how to learn English and I told you that today is my mom’s birthday (which it is) you might say to me, “Chris, that’s not relevant to learning English!” Although, it might be better to say, “Chris, how is that relevant to learning English?” If you ask, “How is that relevant to X?” then you might get an answer that is helpful to the situation. Although in this case, I would just say, “It’s not relevant, but I just remembered that I need to buy her a gift.” Ha ha 🙂

So, if ever you are in a conversation and wondering why someone mentioned something, you can ask, “How is that relevant to what we are talking about?” It’s a useful question to have.