develop 改良する

October 16, 2016     =========

☆  develop  改良する


When you develop something, it becomes better or more successful. Or it grows and changes over a period of time and becomes more advanced. One way this word is often used is to describe the situation where a country develops. When a country develops we mean that it has changed from being a poor agricultural country to being a rich industrial country.

I think it is different in Japan, but in Australia a common way for some people to make money is to buy land and develop it. They develop it by building two houses (or more) on the land where there used to be just one house. Then they sell two houses and try to double their money. Some people also buy old houses and do renovations in order to develop them and sell them at a higher price.

You can also develop skills, which means that you work to improve your skills so that they become better or stronger.

Have you developed anything recently? What was it?