telltale 紛れもない

September 26, 2016 =========
☆ telltale 紛れもない
A “telltale” sign is a sign that gives away information about something bad that would not otherwise be noticed. Here are some examples:
The telltale redness around his eyes showed that he had not been sleeping well.
The telltale loudness of her voice made him realize she had been drinking with friends.
The empty packet was a telltale sign that the kids had eaten all the chocolate!
He said he had quit smoking but there was a telltale aroma of cigarette smoke on his clothes.
As you can see, the ‘telltale sign” points out the negative thing that you might not have noticed otherwise such as: lack of sleep, drinking too much, eating all the chocolate, and continuing to smoke.
Can you use telltale in a sentence?