anaerobic 無酸素の

September 30, 2016 =========
☆ anaerobic 無酸素の
Today’s word is the opposite of yesterday’s. Aerobic exercise is exercise that happens “with oxygen” and anaerobic exercise happens “without oxygen.” Of course, you are still getting oxygen, but not enough so it is hard to keep doing the exercise for a long time. For example, lifting heavy weights and sprinting. Actually all of the activities I mentioned yesterday could be anaerobic exercise too, if you do them at a very high intensity. So it isn’t really the type of exercise that makes something aerobic or anaerobic, it is actually the intensity that makes the difference.
Did you watch the Olympics last month? Watching Usain Bolt sprint the 100m and 200m it is hard to believe that he was doing anaerobic exercise then. He looked so comfortable and like he was having fun! Most of the other sprinters looked like they were in pain and that it was such hard work!