priority 優先事項

September 23, 2016 =========
☆ priority 優先事項
Your “priority” is the most important thing that you have to do or deal with before doing anything else. Most self-help gurus suggest setting your priorities each day, using the “3 MIT” idea. Each day, you should have no more than three “Most Important Tasks (MIT).” Your MIT is your priority for the day.
Do you think that exercising or eating healthily should be an MIT each day? Of course it is a priority, right? We want to stay in shape, so exercising and eating well are priorities for us, but do you actually put these things on your To Do list? I sometimes do… I definitely put running on my To Do list three times a week, but I was wondering if other people do this? Do you? What are your priorities each day? Come and tell me on the English Now! Facebook page!