wolf down がつがつ食べる

September 6, 2016  =========
☆ wolf down がつがつ食べる
So yesterday we talked about chewing slowly and mindfully. Today’s word is the complete opposite… “Wolf down” is an informal word, which describes eating in a quick and greedy way. You can also just say, “wolf” but in my experience, “wolf down” is more common. Here are some example sentences:
He wolfed down the rest of the cheese.
She was in a rush for work so she bought a muffin and wolfed it down on the train.
He always wolfs down his food, so I’m trying to teach him to slow down.
I’ve never seen a wolf eat, but apparently this verb is based on the idea of “eating like a wolf” … so I guess wolves must get hungry and eat quickly when they find food!