continue 持続する

June 14, 2016  =========
☆ continue 持続する
Yesterday I talked about Turia Pitt, she said in an interview that her motivation to do the Ironman was to prove to herself and others that she is fitter now than she was in 2011 when she was trapped in the bushfire during an ultra-marathon. Whenever she felt like she couldn’t continue, she would remember this goal and keep going.
What is your motivation to continue doing something even when it is hard or you don’t want to do it anymore? What about English study for example, do you have any tricks to make sure you continue studying English? Do you have a goal to prove to yourself that your English is better than before? In English-speaking countries, many people study another language at school, but they rarely continue after they graduate. I wonder why are Japanese people motivated to continue to study English?