play 遊ぶ

May 25, 2016 =========
☆ play 遊ぶ
There are various different ways to use the word, “play” in English. It is most commonly used to describe children playing and amusing themselves with toys or games. For example, “The children are outside playing in the garden.” Or “He is shy and tends to prefer playing on his own.”
We can also use “play” to describe sports and games. For example, “I have been playing tennis since high school.” Or “Do you play golf?” Or “How often do you play video games?”
And of course, you can also use it when talking about making music with musical instruments. For example, “My neighbors play the piano after dinner each night.” Poor me!!! Ha ha 🙂
As you can see, in English the word “play” has many different uses, even though the translation of the word would be different in Japanese.