occasionally 時々

May 18, 2016  =========
☆ occasionally 時々
“Occasionally” can be used when you want to say any of these words: sometimes, at times, from time to time, irregularly, now and again, once in a while, periodically, every now and then. If you know exactly how often it happens, then it is usually better to use the exact number of times rather than one of the words just mentioned. However, if the thing only happens at random times, then be sure to use one of the adverbs listed above. For example:
I go swimming a week.
I occasionally go swimming. (e.g. once or twice a month)
I go on business trips once a month.
I occasionally go on business trips. (e.g. less than once a month, the amount of times is not decided.)
I get to sleep in every Saturday!
I only occasionally get to sleep in. (e.g. once a month or maybe a few more times but definitely less than “every Saturday.”