occupy (時間を)費やす

May 9, 2016  =========
☆ occupy (時間を)費やす
If something occupies your or your time, it means that you are busy doing that thing or thinking about it. This word is used in relation to hobbies and pastimes to talk about how you spend your time. For example, “On the weekend, I occupy myself reading books and playing games with my kids.” Or in a negative way, “I don’t have any free time because my job occupies all of my time.”
If kids are saying they are “bored” or “have nothing to do” then a parent might tell them that they need to “learn how to occupy themselves.” In other words, they need to learn how to spend time on their own doing something they like to do – without needing to have other people entertain them. Hopefully they won’t ever say something like this, “I haven’t done my homework because I was occupied with other things.”