daring 大胆な

March 13, 2015 =========
☆ daring 大胆な
Someone who is daring is brave, adventurous, bold, fearless, and could also be called audacious and reckless. Looking at those words, you can see that “daring” can be both a positive and a negative description of a person. I wouldn’t want someone to call me audacious or reckless; however, I’d like to be known as brave or fearless! Here are some example sentences:
His daring rescue saved the life of the young boy. (positive)
She has always been more daring than me. (could be positive or negative)
It was a very daring thing to ask. (could be positive or negative)
Would you say that you are a daring person? If so, do you mean it in a positive way? (I hope so!!)