gifted 天賦の才がある

March 8, 2015 =========
☆ gifted 天賦の才がある
When we say someone is gifted we mean that they have a natural ability to do something well, for example “a gifted businessman” would be someone who is naturally able to start and grow successful companies. Or “She is one of the most gifted players in the world.” In this case, “player” could mean a musician or an athlete. In other words, a player of music or a player of a sport.
As you can see, “gifted” is basically the same as saying someone is talented. However, when you say a child is gifted, it generally means that they are more intelligent than average. “Gifted” can refer to both talent and intelligence, but when talking about kids, we are usually talking about intelligence. For example, “Our school has a special program for gifted children.” means there are extra subjects at the school to help the most intelligent kids learn even more.