timeline 時系列

March 6, 2015 =========
☆ timeline 時系列
A timeline is a way to represent important events in the order they occur. Just like our “checklist” yesterday, a timeline can help us be more effective by freeing up brain power. If you have to do things in a certain order for your work, then creating a timeline of “what happens when” can help you do your work more easily.
Mapping out routines on timelines can be helpful too. I do this for my kids – they have a morning timeline, which outlines what time they need to get up, what to do after they get up (e.g. get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, pack school bag) and an evening timeline which outlines the evening schedule after they get home from school until bedtime.
Do you use timelines? Are they written down or in your head? Once I wrote mine down, I felt it was much easier because there was no need to remember them as I could just look at my notes.