review 再考

March 4, 2015 =========
☆ review 再考
Today’s word is often used as a verb, rather than a noun. However, today let’s look at how it is used as a noun. A “review” of a situation is an evaluation, a judgment. Although the Japanese translation makes it seem like you are doing the review “again”, it doesn’t necessarily need to be the second time. You can use “review” even when you are talking about a report about something that has been done for the first time. Here are some example uses:
The prime minister ordered a review of the drink-driving laws.
My boss told me that the policy is under review.
Tomorrow, we will have a review of what we have learned.
Come and see me after the review and we will see what needs to be done.
Do these all make sense? Sometimes it’s easier to learn new words without the translation, but instead seeing it in action, so I hope these sentence examples have helped.