excited   ワクワクする

February 23, 2015 =========
☆ excited   ワクワクする
Do you shop online? I usually do because I know I can get certain things that I can’t buy in Adelaide, or I can get it cheaper. It’s a little different from Japan though because the shipping time is sooooo long!! When you order in Japan, the parcel usually arrives while you are still excited, right? If I order from Amazon or Rakuten, I am excited when I order and then the package usually arrives the next day. So I’m even more excited to get my package so quickly.
In Australia, ordering things online can take days to arrive. On the 10th of February I finally ordered a new laptop – if you take lessons with me you might know that I have been having laptop troubles for a long time! I was so excited to finally order the new laptop. The estimated arrival date was February 16th. It’s not too bad, considering it’s coming from Sydney by truck, I guess. So I was excited as the 16th approached… and I’m still waiting for my delivery. Oh no! It’s the 23rd… where is my laptop? I’m not excited anymore, I’m extremely worried…. I hope I hear good news soon!