hope  期待

February 14, 2015 =========
☆ hope  期待
My first instinct was to write, “I hope you are having a lovely Valentine’s Day!” but that would be the incorrect usage of today’s word, wouldn’t it? “I hope…” is using the word as a verb, whereas again, we are looking at a noun that is in the same form as the verb.
So what should I have written? I could have said, “It is my hope that you are having a lovely Valentine’s Day!” Or I could have said, “I am filled with hope that everyone is enjoying Valentine’s Day!”
In Australia, however, I think my hope will go unanswered because most people are actually quite negative about Valentine’s Day. People who are single say they dislike it because it makes them lose hope of finding love. And many people who are in a relationship say they feel like they “must” buy flowers or chocolate on this day. How about in Japan?