bliss  至福の喜び

February 11, 2015 =========
☆ bliss  至福の喜び
I have an American friend that I met while living in Tokyo who now lives back in the US. She absolutely hates February! It is the worst time of year for her because it is still so cold, the skies are still dark and she just feels miserable waiting for spring to come.
So she created a little program for herself for 28 days (actually, 29 days this year!) of bliss. Each day she makes sure that she does one small thing each day that makes her experience bliss. For example, day one was to buy beautiful flowers for herself. Another day she will have a manicure. Another day her bliss will be a bottle of good champagne.
Do you need to experience more bliss in your life? How can you do that? What small actions can you take each day to have more bliss in your day to day?