fidelity  忠誠

February 9, 2015 =========
☆ fidelity  忠誠
Fidelity has a formal use and a general use. When you use it in its formal sense, it means that you are loyal to a person, organization, or set of beliefs. For example: a British person might say something like “I promise fidelity to the Queen.” Or a newly appointed politician might have to swear fidelity to the Constitution of their country.
The informal use of the word, fidelity, is to talk about being faithful to someone. Fidelity to someone such as your wife, husband, or partner means that you are not having a sexual relationship with anyone else. For example, “Most people that get married believe in fidelity and do not intend to be unfaithful.”
Actually, there is one final way to use “fidelity” and that is to mean “accuracy.” For example, “Fidelity between the book and the movie is important to me.”