attraction  魅了する力

February 8, 2015 =========
☆ attraction  魅了する力
This week, we move on to “nouns”. Today’s word is attraction. Do you know the other grammatical forms of this word? Let’s look at the noun, verb and adjective, and different words that you can use that have a similar meaning.
Noun – attraction: appeal, allure, charm, enchantment, temptation
Verb – attract: to appeal to, allure, charm, enchant, tempt
Adjective – attractive: appealing, alluring, charming, enchanting, tempting
Isn’t that interesting? All the words are basically different forms of the same word. When it comes to verbs and nouns, they are often the same word and it is only the context and the grammar that will let you know which one is being used. This kind of information would great Mind Map to help you use and remember these words.