distracted 取り乱した

January 13, 2015 =========
☆ distracted 取り乱した
If you are distracted, you are not concentrating on something because you are worried or thinking about something else. As you can imagine, being distracted is not really a good way to “enjoy communication” like this month’s topic. In the past, most people were not usually distracted during a conversation – they paid attention to what the other person or people were saying.
These days though, so many people check their smart phones even while they are with others; they are so distracted, I think it makes good communication almost impossible, what do you think? Here are some examples of the word in use:
Is everything OK? You seem distracted.
He’s a bit distracted because he is waiting for a call from his boss.
I used to love coming to this café, but recently I feel distracted by all the noise and people.
Can you use distracted in a sentence?