share 共有する

December 28, 2015 =========
☆ share 共有する
When we use the word “share” it can mean that we are sharing an actual thing, such as a pen or a toy, for example, when parents teach their kids to “share” their toys with other kids. In other words, you and another person both use that thing. It can also mean that you share an experience or feeling or responsibility with others. Here are some examples sentences of the different usages:
My kids share a bedroom as our house is small.
It was your fault, so I’m not prepared to share the costs of the repairs with you. I think you should pay for it all!
He said he wants to share his life with me!
We share a lot of common goals and get along really well.
Why don’t you share your feelings with someone you trust?
I’m sharing an apartment with my friend while I finish university. We share the rent and utilities, but buy our own food.
Can you use share in a sentence?