tenderness 柔らかさ

December 27, 2015 =========
☆ tenderness 柔らかさ
Do you know the song by Elvis, “Love Me Tender”, in this song, the word “tender” is an adjective, although if you were to use it in a grammatically correct way, you would say, “Love me tenderly.” which would make it an adverb. Then there is today’s version of the same word, tenderness. By adding –ly we got an adverb, by adding –ness we get a ….?
That’s right, it becomes a noun.
“Tenderness” means gentleness, affection, care, compassion, kindness. For example, “I was overcome by his tenderness.” Or, “He shows a deep tenderness and compassion toward others.”
I hope you are experiencing a lot of tenderness in your everyday life. 🙂