whim 気まぐれ

December 25, 2015 =========
☆ whim 気まぐれ
Merry Christmas!
It’s a public holiday in Australia, and so we are at home opening presents and having lunch and dinner with family and friends. Of course, it’s summer, too, so if they weather stays good, we might decide – on a whim – to go to the beach.
A whim is a wish to do or have something which has no serious reason or purpose, an idea that usually comes to you suddenly, without reason. So, when you decide something on a whim it means there’s no real reason for that decision. For example:
She decided on a whim to quit her job and travel to Europe.
He asked her out on a whim. (This might sound confusing, but he asked her out “on a date” on a whim, in other words, without any real reason, just that he wanted to.)
The boss changes his mind at whim; it’s becoming hard to work for him.
It’s Christmas day, the perfect day to do something on a whim. What will you do?