mannerism マンネリ

December 13, 2015 =========
☆ mannerism マンネリ
Your mannerisms are your habits, characteristics, quirks, and traits. Mannerisms are the gestures you often use when speaking. They are unique to you, but a culture can also have mannerisms. In fact, it is often mannerisms that are specific to a culture that get us into trouble when communicating with people from other cultures.
For example, burping after a meal is a polite mannerism in some countries; it shows that you enjoyed your meal. In Western culture, it is considered extremely rude! A strong handshake is a common mannerism in the US and UK, but in many cultures, such as Japan, it’s normal to bow not shake hands.
The peace sign, making a V with your fingers like many Japanese people do in photographs means “peace” around the world, but if you turn your fingers around the other way, so that the palm is facing inward, this is an extremely rude gesture in Western culture.
Do you know any other culturally-specific mannerisms?