amusing 面白い

December 4, 2015 =========
☆ amusing 面白い
Someone or something that is amusing makes you laugh or smile. The useful phrase this week is “That movie was amusing, wasn’t it?” You can use this sentence structure to describe anyone or anything – just change the word “movie” to the other thing, and if change it to a “person” then just remember to also change “it” to “he” or she” etc at the end. Here are some examples of how you can change it:
That guy was amusing, wasn’t he?
The book is amusing, isn’t it?
The teacher was amusing, wasn’t she?
Her choice of clothing was amusing, wasn’t it?
You can also use this in a sarcastic way, when you want to say that something really “isn’t” amusing. For example, “That meeting was amusing, wasn’t it?” could change from meaning a “fun meeting” to meaning, “a waste of time-meeting” depending on your intention and intonation. English is amusing, isn’t it?! 🙂