worthwhile やりがいのある

November 15, 2015 =========
☆ worthwhile やりがいのある
Something that is worthwhile is enjoyable or useful, and worth the time, money, or effort that you spend on it. For example, someone working for a charity or an NPO or doing volunteer work might not get paid much for their efforts, however they most likely feel that their job is rewarding and worthwhile as they are helping others.
You might also talk about a trip that was worthwhile because you got value out of it. For example, “My trip to Tokyo was very worthwhile as I was able to meet with some key people regarding our business venture.”
A book or a movie could be described as worthwhile – especially if it is the kind of movie or book that you’d watch or read again and again. Is there a movie or a book you think is worthwhile to watch or read again? What is it? Mine would be the movie “About Time” it’s a really great story about life and happiness – and time travel! If you haven’t seen it I definitely recommend it.