comfort 安らぎ

November 5, 2015 =========
☆ comfort 安らぎ
Today’s word is used when you want to indicate that something brings peace of mind or consolation or support to someone. If something is a comfort, it helps you stop worrying and feel less unhappy. Here are some examples:
It’s a comfort talking to you.
Knowing that I won’t lose my job is a comfort in these tough times.
Sometimes people say “cold comfort” which actually the negative of today’s meaning. When you say something is “cold comfort” to someone you mean that although it is a slightly positive thing that has happened, their situation is still so difficult. For example:
The new prime minister’s promises are cold comfort to the unemployed.
The UN is sending in help, but this is cold comfort to the refugees.
Can you use “comfort” or “cold comfort” in a sentence?