beauty 美しさ

October 18, 2015 =========
☆ beauty 美しさ
Do you think that Japanese people have an eye for beauty that other cultures don’t have? When I lived in Japan, people around me really appreciated beauty. Of course the beauty in the seasonal changes, like cherry blossoms and the autumn leaves changing colors. However, there was also beauty in the way food is presented, the way presents are gift-wrapped, and small everyday things like this. One thing I did notice was that there wasn’t a lot of attention to beauty and detail when it came to buildings and houses – big huge apartment blocks right next to small houses and so on.
On the other hand, in Australia, people don’t really pay attention to these small details of beauty. Seasonal changes are not about beauty but about changes in sports you can play! However, there is a lot of beauty in the way the cities are laid out. Town planning and creating beauty in this way seems to be something that Australians are good at… in my opinion!! Have you been to Australia? Do you agree with my thoughts on beauty?
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