universe 宇宙

October 17, 2015 =========
☆ universe 宇宙
I’m sure you know today’s word already – the “universe” is the whole of space and all the stars and planets and other forms of energy matter in it. When Einstein talked about the “universe expanding” this is the universe he was talking about. However there are a couple of other ways that universe is used in English.
Firstly, if you talk about a person’s universe, you are talking about that person’s world and their experience in it. For example, “Good authors create their own universe on the page.” Or “I could see he was in a whole universe of pain.”
The second way is to use it to emphasize that something is bigger or better than anything else. This is an informal use, but quite commonly used. For example, “This is the best sushi restaurant in the universe!” Or “My friends say I’m the coolest dancer in the universe.”
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