direction 方向

October 14, 2015 =========
☆ direction 方向
On the 24th of October, I am doing my longest ever run… it is 105km!! It starts at 6am on Saturday morning, and you have to finish by 6am on Sunday. Did you see the photos I put on Facebook last week? That is part of what I’ll be running. The only thing I am worried about – very worried about! – is finding the right direction.
There are signs telling you which way to go, but they are very small, and low to the ground, so they are easy to miss! They are direction markers for hikers not runners, so they don’t need to stand out, because hikers are going slower. The other thing is, how will I know what direction to go when it is night time? I imagine that the 105km run will take me much longer than 12 hours, so I’ll be running at night. I have trouble with directions in the dark even when I’m not running! Lol – it should be interesting! I hope I can get Google maps on my phone!
Are you good with directions?