elegant 優雅な

September 2, 2015 =========
☆ elegant 優雅な
Do you have trouble remembering new words? If so, sometimes memory tricks can help. Attaching a trigger or link to the new word that is funny or strange can make the word seem more interesting and important to your brain. Research shows that your brain is more likely to remember bizarre or funny information. So if you were to use that for today’s word, what could you do?
My idea was that “elegant” sounds similar to “elephant” so you could make up a funny sentence about. For example, “Have you ever seen an elegant elephant?” or “The elephant at the zoo was so elegant.” Since our brain doesn’t usually connect these two words – elegant and elephant – it is more likely to think this is a little bit strange and remember the new word more easily.
Now, of course, “elegant” might not be a new word for you, but that’s OK because you can use this kind of memory trick for any new word you are trying to learn.