baggage (心の)重荷

August 26, 2015 =========
☆ baggage (心の)重荷
The word “baggage” refers to someone’s emotional problems, or their fixed ideas or prejudices. In other words you can talk about someone’s baggage from a previous relationship that didn’t work out. Or you can talk about baggage they have in terms of their prejudices such as being sexist, racist, or even in terms of what they believe in such as communism, or Marxism. Here are some example sentences:
Deeper forms of emotional baggage are often rooted in childhood experiences.
Psychologists says that one type of baggage people have is negative expectations created by previous relationships; this is very common when people get married for the second time after a divorce.
He had too much baggage; I just couldn’t have a relationship with him.
It might seem like a word that you might not use very often, but you’d be surprised how much you do hear it!