respect 尊敬する

August 14, 2015 =========
☆ respect 尊敬する
If you respect someone you think highly of them, have a high opinion of them, and look up to them. As you know, this word can also be a noun, “respect”, and there is one more noun, “self-respect”. Self-respect is the feeling of confidence and pride in your own ability and worth.
Without self-respect it is actually difficult to respect others, don’t you think? When we can identify and appreciate our own strengths and even our weaknesses, we have good self-respect. When we can do this, it is much easier to respect others because we can see their value as a person as well as our own. Younger people often think that to respect someone else they need to have less self-respect but this is not true, respecting ourselves is the only way that we are truly able to respect others. Do you agree? Is this similar to Japanese culture?