date デート

August 7, 2015 =========
☆ date デート
This is an easy word, given that it is just a katakana word. When you come across katakana borrowed words, it’s a good idea to check the usage. Generally it is the same, and it is a way to increase your vocabulary. However, sometimes the way to use the word might be different, particularly if the word is being used as a verb and a noun (a perfect example of this is “challenge” which is a noun in English, and when used as a verb, it is a little bit different from the Japanese katakana verb of “challenge suru”).
If you check an English dictionary, there are actually quite a few ways to use the word “date”, but let’s look at it from the meaning of “an appointment to meet or go out with someone, especially with someone you are or want to have a romantic relationship with.” Here are some examples:
I have a date with John.
He asked her out on a date immediately after meeting her.
We should make a date to go and see Mary soon. (This one is not necessarily a romantic date, just an “appointment” to go and see Mary.)