drive 意欲

July 28, 2015 =========
☆ drive 意欲
When you describe someone as having “drive” you are saying that they have energy and determination. For example, “Ted was filled with drive and enthusiasm.” There are many other ways to use the word “drive” but they are mostly verbs.
We are almost at the end of July, are you still feeling drive and enthusiasm for English study? I hope so! One way to get your drive to study back is to review goals that you set earlier in the year. It’s easy to get started on goals, but it’s often hard to maintain the motivation and drive to continue until you have accomplished the goal.
If you have looked at your goals and still can’t find the drive to continue trying to reach them, then it might be time to think about different goals. Face the situation, and think about whether the goals you set are really the ones you want to aim for right now. If not, change them, and you’ll probably find that your drive and enthusiasm returns.