pep 活気

July 27, 2015 =========
☆ pep 活気
“Pep” is an old fashioned word, but it is still used in informal situations. “Pep” means liveliness and energy. Here are some example sentences:
They went on an island cruise to put some pep back into their marriage.
He was an enthusiastic person, full of pep.
I love these energy drinks, they always fill me with pep.
She walks with a real pep in her step!
One other way to use this word is as the word, “pep-talk”. This is an informal speech which is meant to give others encouragement or energy to help them make more effort or feel more confident. For example:
The coach gave the team a pep-talk at half time.
My mom gave me a pep-talk before my first day at school.
My boss gave me a pep-talk during our monthly review meeting.
Can you use “pep” or “pep-talk” in a sentence?