enthusiastic 夢中になって

July 19, 2015 =========
☆ enthusiastic 夢中になって
What are you enthusiastic about at the moment? For me, I’m really enthusiastic about saving money on our grocery shopping! Lol, sounds silly, I know, but in Australia right now, the cost of living is rising. I never thought I would say that Tokyo is cheap compared to my home town, but now I know that it is!
Last month I read a book called “The $21 challenge.” The goal is to feed your famly for a week using just $21. I’ve tried a few times now, but have always gone over budget! It’s pretty challenging. But I’m enthusiastic enough to keep trying until I succeed. One of the reasons I’m enjoying it is because I used to love watching the Japanese TV shows where the actors had to live on a tiny amount of money, and in really hard conditions. There were a few different ones, but the one I remember is where the guy kept saying, “Tottado–“ whenever he caught fish… Is that kind of TV show still popular? I hope I’m not the only one who is enthusiastic about this kind of thing! Ha ha.