sprightly 元気な

July 18, 2015 =========
☆ sprightly 元気な
Have you heard this word before? It is usually used to describe old people who are still very active; elderly Japanese people would definitely fit this description! I was always amazed to see Japanese people who must have been in their eighties or nineties doing amazing things that westerners would never dream of doing. For example, riding bikes carrying lots of shopping and getting onto the roof to clear the snow. Most westerners at that age are very “unsprightly” and not very active.
I think part of it is that in Japan riding bikes and using public transport is very common, whereas in most western cities, life without a car is very difficult, so most people, young and old, are quite inactive. That’s one reason why I run – to stay active. I’m hoping to be a very sprightly old woman in the (very far!!) future! How about you, would you like to be described as sprightly when you reach your eighties and nineties?